Parents encourage their children to work hard in school and take up professions such as medicine or law because they’re deemed to be respectable and well-paid. According to Forbes Magazine, fresh graduates from prestigious law schools can, for instance, make GBP 120,000 per year. The figure can be higher or lower depending on the country the graduates choose to live and work in. Here are the top ten countries with the highest paid salaries for lawyers, based on information gathered from Robert Walters’ 2016 Salary Survey.
父母鼓励他们的孩子在学校努力学习,从事医学或法律等职业,因为他们被认为是受人尊敬和高薪的。据《福布斯》杂志报道,例如,著名法学院的应届毕业生每年可以 继续阅读世界上律师薪酬最高的十大国家


There are many valid reasons why you should consider relocating and working abroad, but, for many, the biggest draw is the chance to significantly increase their earning potential. Of course, earning a higher wage is a good reason to consider upping sticks all by itself, but it’s not all about money: relocation can also be beneficial to your career aspirations, too.
你应该考虑移居国外工作的理由有很多,但是对许多人来说,最大的吸引力是有机会显著增加他们的收入潜力。当然,挣更高的工资是考虑独自提高 继续阅读世界上平均收入最高的前十个国家


Ah, public holidays. Those unexpected days off that can sneak up on you if you don’t pay close enough attention (not that anyone doesn’t have them all mapped out). Given that they’re often country-specific celebrations, some countries get more of them than others: the best place to work if you like your holidays is India, with 21(!), but this is a list of the worst places according to this infographic by Wego: See also: How to Ask Your Boss for Holiday Leave
啊,公共假日。如果你没有足够的关注,那些意想不到的假期会悄悄靠近你(不是说没有人把它们都计划好)。鉴于它们通常是针对特定国家的庆祝活动,一些国家比 继续阅读世界上公共假日最少的前10个国家


Russia has a significant reserve of employment resources waiting to be grabbed. Its higher education institutes have continued to attract thousands of IT graduates and engineers. There are several regions surrounding the Moscow area with big demand for a variety of talents. Hiring processes among both local and international recruiting agencies have always been richly active. If you have set your heart in settling down in Russia, here are the top ten companies you may try working for.
俄罗斯有大量的就业资源储备等着被攫取。它的高等教育机构继续吸引成千上万的信息技术毕业生和工程师。莫斯科周边有几个地区对各种人才需求 继续阅读俄罗斯十大公司


Deciding to relocate to Japan is a big challenge. There is a big culture shift from the West, both in terms of personal and professional life, and the language is notoriously tricky to pick up. Therefore, with so many things to worry about, attempting to land a job with a stable and established company is a good place to start.
决定搬到日本是一个巨大的挑战。无论是在个人生活还是职业生活方面,西方都发生了巨大的文化转变,而且这种语言是出了名的难以掌握。因此,有这么多事情 继续阅读日本十大公司(2019年)


Working abroad can be a worrying and challenging experience for many as there are always risks involved with moving overseas. But, in times of economic instability, when jobs are few and far between, and career prospects are minimal, it’s important to look past the risks and take the leap. The benefits of working abroad cannot be disputed and relocating for professional purposes could be that little extra something that will help your career take off.
对许多人来说,在国外工作可能是一次令人担忧和具有挑战性的经历,因为移居海外总是有风险的。但是,在经济不稳定时期,当工作机会少之又少,职业前景 继续阅读出国工作的十大好处


The average worker will often complain that there aren’t enough statutory public holidays. These holidays allow employees to take a day off and get paid for it, whether it’s Christmas, Good Friday or Thanksgiving. All over the world, there are a wide variety of public holidays that can be deemed too much or too little.
普通工人会经常抱怨法定公共假日不够多。无论是圣诞节、耶稣受难节还是感恩节,这些假日都允许员工休假一天并获得报酬。在世界各地,有各种各样的 继续阅读世界上公共假日最多的8个国家


If you are studying to become a scientist, congratulations! You have chosen a field that you can be very proud of, and you’ll find that it’s a field with a myriad of opportunities for job advancement and growth. The sciences are respected in every country around the world, and all branches of science provide the human race with advancement!
如果你正在学习成为一名科学家,祝贺你!你选择了一个你可以引以为豪的领域,你会发现这是一个拥有无数工作提升和成长机会的领域。科学在世界上每个国家都 继续阅读科学家薪酬最高的前5个国家


If you want to earn a living helping other people find a job, recruitment consulting is the perfect career for you! One of the best things about this career is that you don’t need as much experience as you would in other fields. After all, you’re simply helping people assess their skills, finding job opportunities, and informing your clients of those job opportunities.
如果您想通过谋生来帮助他人找到工作,那么招聘咨询将是您的理想职业! 这个职业最好的事情之一是,您不需要像其他领域一样多的经验。 毕竟,您只是在 继续阅读招聘顾问薪水最高的前5个国家


Singapore is the place to be if you are planning on working abroad; it is as simple as that. The tiny Asian city-state is an economic powerhouse which attracts talented professionals from all across the world to work in its multinational corporations, as well as in the Singaporean companies, that are always in demand of skilled labour. According to World Bank data from 2014, Singapore recorded an impressive $56,296 GDP per capita that makes it one of the richest countries in the world and to put it in perspective; the GDP per capita in the United States the same year was $54,629. So, the ‘economic powerhouse’ bit is indisputable and there are jobs for the right people, in fact there are plenty of them. Additionally, in a ‘country league table’ survey that was conducted by HSBC Expat in 2015 in order to ascertain the best places to work for as an expat, Singapore was ranked first among 39 countries. People are paid well and the standard of living is right up there with the very best cities in the world.
如果您打算在国外工作,那么新加坡就是一个好地方。它是如此简单。这个小小的亚洲城市国家是一个经济大国,吸引了来自世界各地的才华横溢的专业人才来 继续阅读新加坡顶级公司的清单


Switzerland is one of the best places in Europe to live and work. The country boasts one of highest standards of living in the world, low crime rates, an amazing public transportation system, great work-life balance, and some of the highest average salaries in the world.
瑞士是欧洲最好的居住和工作场所之一。这个国家拥有世界上最高的生活水平、低犯罪率、惊人的公共交通系统、良好的工作与生活平衡以及世界上最高 继续阅读瑞士收入最高的十大工作