Hard workers, a developed country, an educated workforce and tremendous weather. This is how the Eastern Caribbean island of Barbados can be described in a nutshell. Despite its low gross domestic product and lack of growth, it’s still an A-plus country for starting fresh or doing business in.
勤奋的工人,一个发达国家,受过良好教育的劳动力和巨大的天气。 简而言之,这就是东部加勒比海巴巴多斯岛的描述方式。 尽管其国内生产总值较低且缺乏增长,但仍然是一个A级国家/地区,可以开始新业务或开展业务。

Barbados has achieved its affluence from offshore finance and information services. Although one would surmise that it would maintain an ultra successful tourism industry, the fact is that it has been weak since the recession started. In addition, the government is starting to implement austerity measures.
巴巴多斯已从离岸金融和信息服务业中脱颖而出。 尽管人们会猜测它将维持一个极其成功的旅游业,但事实是,自经济衰退以来,旅游业一直很薄弱。 此外,政府开始实施紧缩措施。

One of the benefits that Barbados enjoys is that it is in the same eastern time zone as prominent United States financial centers. Another advantage that Barbados has that other island nations do not or lack: highly educated workers, which means that once opportunities arise then workers will be able to fulfil the required tasks.
巴巴多斯享有的好处之一是,它与著名的美国金融中心位于同一东部时区。 巴巴多斯拥有或不拥有其他岛屿国家的另一个优势:受过良好教育的工人,这意味着一旦机会出现,工人将能够完成所需的任务。

Here are five business etiquettes to know in Barbados:

English is the official language of Barbados, but Bajan is another widely spoken language, which is described as an English-based creole language that is widely spoken in informal settings.

Dress Code
During formal arrangements, women should wear light cotton dresses, while men should be sporting a shirt and tie and sometimes a jacket. When visiting the bank in your off-time you should always be wearing pants and a shirt out of respect. Casual wear is permitted in your leisure time when not on the beach.
在正式安排期间,女性应穿着轻质棉质连衣裙,而男性则应穿着衬衫和领带,有时还穿夹克。 在非工作时间访问银行时,应始终出于尊重的目的穿着裤子和衬衫。 如果您不在海滩上,可以在休闲时穿便装。

When men meet each other, whether it’s for the very first time or if they are already acquainted, they will shake hands and say “wha’ happenin’ man?” Women will hug, kiss or stand around exchanging pleasantries.
Manners are very important in Barbados, particularly to the elderly residents. Throughout the entire day – morning, afternoon or evening – everyone will be mannerly and maintain a nice demeanor with each other.
礼节在巴巴多斯非常重要,特别是对于年长的居民。 在整天中-上午,下午或晚上-每个人都将保持礼貌,彼此保持良好的举止。

Professional Titles & Business Cards
There are no specific rules as to how to address someone you have met for the very first time. It would be a common sense approach to call them Mr. and Mrs. followed by their surname.
Handing out business cards is akin to maintaining a group of salespeople. For instance, individuals will carry around various business cards and when they meet someone who mentions they need a product or a service completed then the initial person will hand them this business card and offer a testimonial.
对于首次遇到的人,没有具体规则。 称呼先生和太太后跟姓氏是一种常识。
发放名片类似于维持一组销售人员。 例如,个人将随身携带各种名片,当他们遇到某人声称需要完成产品或服务时,最初的人将把这张名片交给他们并提供证明。

In Barbados, there is something called “bajan time.” This means that when event is scheduled for 9 a.m. it actually will begin sometime later. What this suggests is that being on time isn’t very important to Barbados as they will give their time freely to those they want to keep company with.
Barbados is a very simple and relaxed country. Its people enjoy life but also understand how to earn a dollar. Its people are polite but aren’t fastidious when it comes to their views on time and punctuality. Perhaps it’s the weather that has transformed Barbados into a calming environment.
在巴巴多斯(Barbados),有一种叫做“ bajan time”的时间。这意味着,当活动安排为上午9点时,它实际上将在以后的某个时间开始。 这表明,准时对巴巴多斯并不重要,因为他们会将时间自由地分配给希望与之相处的人。
巴巴多斯是一个非常简单和放松的国家。 它的人民享受生活,但也懂得如何赚钱。 它的员工彬彬有礼,但对时间和守时的看法并不挑剔。 也许是天气使巴巴多斯变成了一个平静的环境。

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