The Netherlands is one of the smaller European countries. However, it is currently ranked as one of the richest countries in that region. They have a 3.5% unemployment rate which is lower than that of their neighboring countries. The job market in the Netherlands is competitive which means that job hunting takes diligence and searching in the right avenues. Many residents have a comprehension of English; however the main language spoken there is Dutch. Since that is the case, it is important for job seekers to have a decent fluency in the Dutch language. The average work week is 5 days and the country?s labour laws consider 9 hours the maximum working hours per day. (Source: Wikipedia) This article will address how to find a job in the Netherlands.

Steps Toward Finding a Job in the Netherlands

1. Revise Your Resume
The process should begin by revising your resume to the proper standards accepted in the Netherlands. There are several different options on how to ascertain the appropriate style that is accepted.

Visit the European Union to find out the European standards.
Jobera.com is a helpful site which provides information on writing a cover letter and resume for the International job market. It also offers steps on obtaining visas, work permits, as well as business dress code and interview advice.
The Netherlands section of the Executive Planet site is another resource which has advice from Jacob Vossestein who is an Interculturalist. He offers resources on professional dress codes and how to write a resume for job seekers in the Netherlands.

2. Apply for a Work Permit
The next step is to apply for a residence or work permit from the Dutch Embassy or the consulate for your own resident country. You can also apply directly with the hiring company to obtain a work permit. Basically, it depends on your current situation and whether or not you have a job offer in the works. Remember that it will usually take up to 6 months to obtain the permit.

3. Begin your Job Search
The next step is to get your resume visible online in various international job databases. You need prospective employers to see your resume. XPatJobs.com is one viable resource for job seekers to find the right employment. They have job postings for employment in over 140 countries. If you have a specific job in mind, you can visit the website of the company that you?d like to work for to ascertain any available positions. Even if the company does not have any available openings, you can submit your resume for consideration for future positions. You may want to work with an international recruitment agency like International Recruiters or MRI Network. Working with a professional recruiter can provide you with the necessary experienced-advice you?ll need to be successful in your job search in the Netherlands.

4. Travel Abroad
Take the time to travel to the Netherlands as a tourist before you find a job or try to obtain a work permit. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the culture and the current work environment. This will help you to gain a better understanding of your career options and what you will encounter when you begin to work in the Netherlands. During your travels, you will have the chance to network with others and even apply in person to various businesses and job opportunities.

The decision to find a job in the Netherlands can open up a wide variety of opportunities in your career. It takes an open mind to work in another country, but can become one of the best experiences of your life. Do the necessary research before you begin your job search. Revise your resume as needed so that it meets the standards for job prospects in the Netherlands. Obtain a working permit and take the time to travel abroad to better understand the culture and work environment.