Fresh out of uni? Or, just up for a crazy summer to remember? Well if you, like so many other hopeful 18-25 year olds, fancy a 5-month holiday with sun, sea, sand and er, *sangrias!*, you might find what you are looking for in Ayia Napa – Cyprus’ booming party town. Set close enough to the stunning Nissi beach that you can stroll there nursing a hangover to sunbathe all day, and with more clubs and bars than is sensible, it is one of the most popular party hot spots for the 18-30s market.
刚从大学出来吗? 或者,只是为了纪念一个疯狂的夏天? 好吧,如果您像其他许多充满希望的18-25岁年轻人一样,度过一个5个月的假期,享受阳光,大海,沙滩和桑格利亚汽酒,*,您可能会发现在阿依纳帕(Ayia Napa)寻找的东西-塞浦路斯的繁荣 党城。 它紧邻迷人的尼西海滩(Nissi beach),您可以在那里闲逛一整天,享受一整天的宿醉享受日光浴,而且这里的酒吧和夜店数量远远超出明智的选择,它是18至30年代市场最受欢迎的派对热点之一。

What you need to know…

Landing a job
Don’t think about going to Ayia Napa on a lads/girls holiday with the intention of finding a job once you get there – it doesn’t work like that. Every year, hundreds of holidaymakers try their luck at securing a bar or PR job in the middle of summer and it’s just pointless. You won’t be taken seriously so just forget about it and enjoy your holiday!
不要以为在小伙子/姑娘们度假时去阿依纳帕(Ayia Napa)打算在找到工作后就去找工作,那样做是行不通的。 每年,成百上千的度假者会在夏天中旬尝试获得酒吧或公关工作的运气,这毫无意义。 您将不会受到重视,因此只需忘掉它,享受假期吧!

To land a job, you need to start applying directly to the bars and clubs via email or phone from April. It may seem a bit early in the year but trust me, the party season will kick off in May and if you have not yet secured a job, you will find it near impossible to after the season starts.
要找到工作,您需要从4月开始通过电子邮件或电话直接向酒吧和俱乐部申请。 似乎似乎是在今年年初,但请相信我,派对季节将在5月开始,如果您尚未找到工作,您会发现在季节开始后几乎不可能。

If you know of anyone who has worked out there last year, it is wise to ask them for contact numbers and name-drop to get your foot in the door. What you need to remember is that working in a party location is much harder than most people think, which only results in many season workers quitting and flying home, so naturally, employers want to be sure that you have what it takes to stick it out all season.

Competition is fierce
Remember, there is probably 100 people vying for the same job you are going for, so you need to be a bit ruthless when it comes to applying for jobs: if someone you know has applied for a job somewhere, make sure you apply too, and, don’t tell anyone where you apply for jobs – it will only increase the competition. Although working in a party place will help you make tonnes of new friends, don’t try to make friends when job hunting. It’s dog eat dog out there and everyone is out for their own! Also, if you fail to make the grade in your first job, you will be replaced within hours and will find it hard to land another job, so, before you go, make sure youhave the gift of the gab and excellent bar tending skills!

Image appeal
You need to remember that the ‘gift-of-the-gab’ (ability to sell ice to Eskimos) and appearance count for a lot. Party locations are probably the only locations where looks and personality trump experience and education! Take note: if you are looking for bar work, knowing how to poor drinks and make cocktails will definitely stand you in a good position, but if you don’t have an outgoing personality or TOWIE style looks, then it will be hard to land a job.

Likewise, with PR jobs (selling tickets for clubs), you need to be a hard seller with the ability to get on with holidaymakers. If you don’t have a likeable personality then you need to be HOT, if you aren’t blessed with either, then forget it.

Hard work Do not be deceived. Just because you went there on holiday last year and had a wicked time, does not mean that working there will be anything near to that experience. Yes, you will essentially party all night and tan all day, but the hours are grueling: you are working in high temperatures and you won’t get a day off – all summer! As soon as you complain about your ‘workers’ rights’ and request a day off, you will be replaced within seconds by another eagerly awaiting and enthusiastic hopeful. I would stress – if you do not have the stamina to work every day, stay up late and be enthusiastic all the time, then don’t waste your time – working in Ayia Napa would not be for you.
努力工作不要被欺骗。仅仅因为你去年去那里度假过得很愉快,并不意味着在那里工作会有任何类似的经历。是的,你基本上会通宵聚会,整天晒太阳,但是时间很紧张:你在高温下工作,你不会休息一天——整个夏天!一旦你抱怨你的“工人权利”并要求休假一天,你将在几秒钟内被另一个热切等待和充满热情希望的人取代。我要强调的是——如果你没有足够的精力每天工作,熬夜并一直保持热情,那么不要浪费时间——在Ayia Napa工作不适合你。

Go big or go home!
If this is your first and last summer of complete craziness before settling into the real working world – make it worth it! Too many times, you see workers taking it too seriously, not venturing to the beach or visiting the many other sites because they want to catch up on sleep! You can sleep on the flight home once the season is over! Whilst you are there – enjoy it.

Go wild, party all night, drink the place dry, top up your tan on the famous nissi beach and make lifelong friends!!