Gregg Thomas
Updated Jun 2, 2018

I’ve have owned several of Samsung’s flagship phones (and several HTC’s). But for a change I’ve just bought my first Huawei (mate 10 pro). Here are my thoughts –

Samsung phones are overpriced with a better reputation than they deserve. They are in no way bad phones, but they have always come across as average in my opinion, (particularly with the user interface). They appear far more glitchy than other premium manufacturers and seem to suffer some slow down at an earlier point. I’ve also found that their phones look like they’re 2 years old after 6 months. They certainly don’t age very well and need to be handled with care. (HTC on the other hand are the complete opposite)

Now then, I’ve had my Huawei mate 10 pro for about a month. And it’s a very impressive phone and probably more practical in everyday use compared to Samsung’s. It also has a trick up it’s sleeve that prevents slow down that happens over a period of time. And as for the battery life, it blows Samsung out of the water. Camera set up is a major plus for Huawei as they team up with Leica to give you a photography experience that’s more like a dedicated digital camera compared to other smartphone manufacturers.
现在,我已经让我的华为伙伴10 pro工作了大约一个月。这是一款令人印象深刻的手机,在日常使用中可能比三星更实用。它还有一个锦囊妙计,可以防止一段时间内的减速。至于电池寿命,它会让三星出局。相机设置是华为的一大优势,因为他们与徕卡合作,给你一种摄影体验,与其他智能手机制造商相比,这更像一台专用数码相机。

Huawei phones are also priced way more reasonably than Samsung’s.

So as you see, in my opinion Huawei is the better choice. They’re tougher phones that seem to work better in everyday use – along with better customer support and better pricing, I’d be picking Huawei over Samsung all day long !!



Atreya Viswanathan, Technology + Badminton + Mathematics
Answered Dec 21, 2017

Although I am slightly biased, I prefer Huawei over Samsung, and I always have. For example, if we take a look at the S8, it was unnaturally expensive back when it was just released, and now it has been reduced by over $300 over time. By doing this, Samsung is taking advantage of that initial hype to just get your hands on it, no matter how much it costs. Huawei does not do this, and although prices do go down after a while, it’s never this drastic.

Moreover, I prefer Huawei over Samsung in terms of user interface, camera, positioning of fingerprint scanner (of course) and battery experience.

I’ve always found Samsung’s TouchWiz a bit cartoony, unlike the much more professional Emotion UI 8.0 on the Huawei Mate 10 pro.
我一直觉得三星的TouchWiz有点卡通化,不像华为Mate 10 pro上更专业的情感用户界面8.0。

The dual camera setup on the Mate 10 pro is impressive, after partnering with Leica, and offers several other fun features along with it.
在与徕卡合作后,Mate 10 pro上的双摄像头设置令人印象深刻,并提供了其他一些有趣的功能。

The fingerprint scanner is positioned perfectly, and works so much faster and more accurately than that of the S8. Any Huawei phone with a fingerprint scanner also supports those helpful gestures for a nicer one handed user experience.

The Mate 10 pro packs a massive 4000mah battery inside, that’ll easily provide you with a day of heavy usage. Not to mention quick charging works extremely fast, giving you a full charge within 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Mate 10 pro内置一个4000毫安时的大容量电池,可以轻松为您提供一天的大量使用。更不用说快速充电的工作速度非常快,在1小时30分钟内就能让你充满电。

Hope you agree with me! 🙂



Quora User
Answered Jun 20, 2017

Premium: Samsung

Cheaper: Huawei

Samsung’s premium models are astonishing and groundbreaking but their cheaper models are pretty bad compared to Huawei’s phones in the same price range.

If you want the best out there get the Samsung, but if you go for a cheaper budget get the Huawei.

Thank You! Hope it helps
Jeff Obunga, Student at Portsmouth University.
Answered Mar 3, 2017

They are both decent manufacturers:

If you want great build quality, premium materials, timely updates, customised OS, better camera and display, better battery life but all at a more premium price, then I suggest Samsung (i.e. Samsung Galaxy s7/edge, or wait for the upcoming s8/edge).

If you want better value for money, good build quality, less bloatware, more simple design, more practical design, less features, then I suggest Huawei (i.e. Huawei P10).

I suggest you have a look at Oneplus.. By far one of the best mobile companies out there. Best value for money at the moment – Oneplus 3T.

Sudeep P H
Answered May 11, 2018

Hi.which phone is the best phone for you depends on you.

1.Budget:- New and popular samsung phones are usually costly but if you are ready to pay,its worth it.Huawei phones comes in different rates,so depending upon ur budget and the specs you need you can buy the phone you want.

2.OS:- If you compare both company phones depending on OS,i think Samsung is better.Its because it is light skinned so it will get updates more frequently than huawei phones. As fas as I know it has a few features including game launcher.On the other hand,even though huawei phones are heavy skinned,they have more features and customisations.They also allow you to theme the phones so even if you dont like the huawei skin,you can theme it too make it look good.You get plenty of themes on play store including themes which make your phone look like stock.

3.Performance:-As Samsung phones are light skinned they are a bit faster than huawei phones with the same specs.Huawei phones wont be too bad though. So depending on what type of user you are you can choose which phone is better for you based on performance.

4.Substratum theming:- Substratum theming and rooting samsung phones are far more difficult than huawei (or any other) phones.You can theme without root in huawei phones.

So these are all the factors that you can use to see which phone is better for you.
(I would buy a Huawei phone)

Hope this helped you

Aadhi, Content Creator at YouTube (2017-present)
Answered May 17, 2018

Samsung was among the first manufacturers and huawei is the company that recently got its name for the mobile phones they make. In terms of displays go Samsung is the king because they make the best display on any smartphone right now. Huawei devices are not much known on the past and with the Huawei mate 10 Pro and mate 10 the company got name among the premium smartphone market and right now they are making some really interesting phones. The p20 pro and p20 has the best DXO Mark score ever given to a smartphone.
三星是首批制造商之一,华为是最近因其生产的手机而得名的公司。就显示器而言,三星是王者,因为他们是目前智能手机上最好的显示器。华为的设备过去鲜为人知,随着华为的伴侣10亲和伴侣10,该公司在高端智能手机市场获得了名声,现在他们正在制造一些非常有趣的手机。p20 pro和p20拥有智能手机有史以来最好的DXO马克分数。

But I will only stick to Samsung devices only because the quality of the device and I love Samsung displays.

The recent huawei phones comes with the notch and its not my taste. But all say its the future, but i love notchless screen.

If you are if you are on the premium market I will say to go for Samsung or it will comes to personal preference the belief in brand.

if you are on a budget, you have different options. Huawei phones provide more specs for the less money and Samsung provides more quality for the money you pay.


Quora User
Answered Mar 4, 2017

If you don’t play large games, I would say Huawei is a better choice. With cheaper price and good quality of hardware including powerful enough CPU, Leica cameras, good display, and especially the long battery life( For me, battery is very important part of a smartphone. ).

If you play large games, Samsung would be better.


Amar Kumar
Answered May 12, 2018

Both companies provides great phones but huawei provides the best value for money phones. While most mid range phones from sumsung are not value for money, huawei is doing a great job here.

If you have enough budget around 45k–60k and a true flagship killer phone fan then sumsung is there for you while huawei will done the same job for you without making an enough hole in your pocket.

In short,

Samsung=only highend phones like note8, s8

Huawei=mid range as well as highend like p series and mate series.

Huawei’s offering same specs with its sub brand honor at very low budget.

There is no place for samsung’s mid range phone except A8+.

But you have a lot of choices from huawei.


Sudipto Roy, studied at Jahangirnagar University
Answered May 24, 2018

Both are best in their own uniqueness,but which will be better for you it depends on your demands. Ram,internal storage, processor, Chip set which you target to buy a smartphone that matters for choosing the best.


Jabir Al Saidi, Communication Engineer at Huawei (2015-present)
Answered May 22, 2017

I was use samsung S, S3, Note 4, and recently use mate 9. Samsung is better in the modification of android OS, but poor poor battery if you are hard mobile user and like to play in your phone l, install apps, root, etc. Also poor in design by plastic all the time . In mate 9 I feel the different in battery life, good hardware and design.

Zayne Seah, Technology Writer
Answered Mar 3, 2017

Samsung tends to have a more user friendly operating system and better materials. It’s also faster usually. However, they are usually overpriced.

Huawei tends to have cheaper phones that are good too, but they have processors that are slightly slower, though not by much. Price wise they are more value for money per se.


Abhishek Sasidharan, Bachelor of Technology Instrumentation Engineering, University of Calicut (2015)
Answered May 13, 2018

I prefer Samsung if you need premium a experience. For this premium experience you have to choose a phone above 20000inr. Below this price range you will not get a long lasting powerful device( most of the cheap phone use mediatech processor)
I prefer a snapdragon samsung device.