Jian Zheng

People are more intelligent, (Asian to Western to African, there are papers not from me)


Safety. Go out for food any time, it’s safe.


Economy. Stable Economy. Not so many blood sucking capitalist as in Wall Street.


Steady Politic. No one comes to mess with the steering wheel every 2 terms. This year health care, next year wall of 1000 miles.


Tough country. See it for yourself. China is indeed a tough country. If you see the history, China has almost fought everyone of its neighbors. And Asia is not like north America filled with not so developed Indians for US to slaughter. US just happened to be in north America between 2 toothless friends. If US was born in Asia, it won’t take 50 years before Vietnam devours it.


The Funny stuff is US had the best chance one country could ever have.


1、safe environment. Canada and Mexico??? LOL
2、good natural ressources.
3、Far from 2 WWs. Attracted the top intelligence from all countries from the 2 WWs.


And with all the benefit, US thinks it’s leading the world? with what? US is the only country on earth trying to lead and it only has Dollar and Guns. Nothing more.


See Germany, See France, see the Europe, go and see what kind of life they are having. US thinks they are leading and everything is the best. Even called Germany country without the freedom of speech.


US is not leading. US is just like a early developed boy tries to bully the rest of the class~


Build the wall, no heal care, more guns – the whole class shouting


Henry Young, former Bank Manager (1974-2008)

Many factors: innate ability: Chinese are intelligent (Chinese invented compass, gunpowder, paper, etc. Now HSR, shared economies, etc), Chinese rich, long, good and justice-based culture, Chinese literature and advice given by past scholars, leaders, etc all guide us (I am a Chinese) towards leading a peaceful, harmonious, justice and fair life. Chinese are more united and place country first before individual.


Western countries is almost the opposite. Look at US, have talked about HSR for decades and yet still not on drawing board, US continue to create enemies to satisfy their industrial military complex, US continue to conduct regime change, export US style of freedom and democracy while saying those countries that do not practice US style or against US as violate human rights, etc etc. Domestically, many problems remain unchanged.

西方国家几乎相反。 看看美国,谈论高铁已有几十年了,但仍未成为现实,美国继续制造敌人以满足其工业军事基地的需要,美国继续进行政权更迭,输出美国的自由民主制,同时说那些不奉行美国式或反对美国的国家侵犯人权,等等。在国内,许多问题仍然没有改变。

So who is better is clear. China may start at a later stage than US (1949 for PRC and 1911 for ROC) but it is race of hare and tortoise.

所以谁是更好的人就很清楚。 中国的起步阶段可能比美国晚(中华人民共和国1949年,中华民国1911年),但这是一场龟兔赛跑。

Quora User, Managing Director at Geopolitics Advisor (1990-present)

Not Freedom, not the economics, not the politics, not the Press, not the Judiciary system.
I have to say censorship is better in China than anywhere else in the world. I mean, have you seen the Great Firewall in action? Wonderful piece of technology!
However I just realised it is not a good thing to have sophisticated censorship.
I think food is much better and diverse in China than in America.
Ps: Careful with food poisoning, food safety standards still need some improvement.